Don’t Mess With Macho Kangaroo!


(PCM) Photos of an incredibly buff 192-lb kangaroo named Roger are going viral, as they almost appear to be hilariously photoshopped. Rest assured, your eyes are not deceiving you, Roger is a 100% real macho marsupial.

Roger stands at 6’5 and according to Chris Barnes, the manager of the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory, loves crushing buckets, sparring with his rivals and chasing around his human mom.

It is amazing that Roger, who is a red kangaroo, has made it as far as he has come. He was found and rescued from the pouch of his dead mother back in 2006. Roger can at times be a bit aggressive especially when it comes to his “women”, but then again is that really different than any other man, human or kangaroo?  

Just watch your back around this very special macho man!