Your Dreams Of Owning An Adult-Version Of The Famous Little Tikes Car Can Now Come True!

(PCM) Growing up we think just about every child dreamed of owning the famous red and yellow colored Little Tikes plastic car. You would see these things sitting out in just about everyone’s backyard or driveway as they were certainly an “it” toy at the time. Small children would be scooting around just about everywhere in these little plastic cars using only their feet to gain momentum.

For those that want to hold onto the nostalgia of these famous Little Tikes plastic vehicles, two brothers in Oxfordshire, UK have invented an adult version of the Little Tykes car that is fully mechanical and motorized reaching speeds of up to 70 mph! What is amazing is that the brothers,┬áJohn and Geof Bitmead, were able to create the car as almost an exact replica of the famous children’s toy car with the same red and yellow coloring and plastic like exterior.

Everyone better move off the playground when this big boy comes around! You can watch a video of the car’s creation below:

When the car was first created the brothers were going to use the car to raise money for charity and to balance out the $46,000 cost of making it, however that did not seem to pan out for them, so now they are selling the adult Little Tikes car for $32,000, well at least trying to sell it! They placed the car on Ebay, but did not receive bids high enough so they have now pulled the listing. Maybe it will pop up again, but for now we will still continue to dream!