Dutch Man Waits 10 Days At The Airport For Date To Show Up


(PCM) A love lorn Dutch man by the name of Alexander Pieter Cirk, who also happens to be severely diabetic, waited patiently at the airport in China for his internet lover to show up for their very first meeting. Cirk never left the airport, in fact, he ended up spending a total of 10 days and nights hoping that his 26-year old date would arrive. Sadly, she never did!

His date, known only as Zhang, was eventually tracked down via social media in China and claimed that she never expected Cirk to actually make the trip, so instead of meeting him she was recovering from plastic surgery in the city of Zhengzhou, which is about 500 miles away from the airport where Cirk was so patiently waiting.

Cirk eventually was taken to the hospital in China due to complications with his diabetes, as we are sure it is safe to assume that he did not eat or drink very much during his 10 day wait for his lover. Cirk claimed that he wanted the trip to be a surprise and that is why after sending Zhang a picture of the airline tickets he purchased, he did not contact her again until his arrival. In the meantime, she assumed the whole thing was an elaborate joke.

Sadly, Zhang still never made it to see Cirk during his ill-fated trip to China, as she told news outlets it would be “too inconvenient” to visit him in the hospital, however she did contact him by phone and the pair had a lengthy two-hour phone conversation.