Egypt’s Mysterious Saqqara Bird

(PCM) Egypt’s Mysterious Saqqara Bird

Saqqara-BirdWhat it is:
A six-inch bird made of sycamore wood found in an Egyptian tomb. It has a body, seven-inch-long downward-curving wings, a fixed rudder, and a tail. Based on a falcon, it looks a bit  like a modern airplane or glider, but is dated from about 200 BC. You can see it at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo, Egypt next time you visit.

No one knows for sure what the function of the bird may have been, but there are many theories out there. Some think it may have been a ceremonial object, a child’s toy, or a hunting tool. The most controversial theory suggests that the ancient Egyptians possessed sophisticated knowledge of aviation long before the airplane was invented. Apparently the bird can actually glide easily through the air, and some people have recreated the object with even better results. While not aerodynamically perfect, the bird still possesses technology that hadn’t been developed until about two millennia later.

Most Outrageous Theory:
Going off the aviation theory, some people even go so far as to suggest that the Saqqara bird is a model of a working aircraft the Egyptians may have invented, as putting miniature models of their technology in their tombs was common practice. But, since an ancient flying machine has yet to be discovered, this theory isn’t exactly supported by the scientific community or even die-hard ancient alien believers.

Saqqara-Bird2The Answer:
It was probably a ceremonial masthead. I haven’t had a chance to test it myself, but it could have been a weather vane. Some people (looking at YOU, scientists!) just over-think things.