Eight-Year Old Girl Discovered Living With Tribe Of Monkey’s In India

(PCM) Talk about living out a real life “Jungle Book” story, as it has been revealed that an eight-year old girl was discovered living with a tribe of monkey’s in a wildlife sanctuary in India. Everyone is already beginning to refer to the child as the “Mowgli Girl” and Indian authorities claim that when the child was discovered she was actually living quite “comfortably” among the tribe of monkeys and appeared to be mostly unharmed save for a few wounds on her elbow and leg.

The “Mowgli Girl” was spotted by a park rangerĀ in the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh. The girl was found wearing clothing, but the clothing did not appear to be too terribly dirty leading authorities to questions just how long she had been living in the sanctuary. They feel that she may have been abandoned there by her family. She was terrified of the park rangers and could not speak or hear properly according to the authorities reports.

The Times Of India reports that the “Mowgli Girl” cannot speak or understand any human language, but did appear to be somehow communicating with the three monkeys that were surrounding her when she was found. She is lashing out with violent behavior at the doctors who are trying to treat her and when she was first found she was swinging her arms and walking/crawling on all fours, almost as if the monkeys were responsible for raising her in some way.

The child is being held in a local area hospital where doctors continue to treat her each day. She is learning to better communicate and is now walking on two legs. They doctors claim they still have a long road ahead of them, as she is still trying to make an escape from the hospital. We are definitely curious to see how this child will continue to adjust as we can’t even begin to imagine the ordeal she must have live through and is continuing to survive. Let’s hope that one day she will learn to effectively communicate her story, as it is sure to be a fascinating one, and probably quite a bit different than a Disney film.