Ever Wonder If You Could Play A Tree Trunk On A Record Player?


(PCM) I have no idea why I am just discovering this brilliant story now, but an artist by the name of Bartholomäus Traubeck has been using cross-sectional slices of a tree stump and playing them on a converted record player to create various pieces of music.

The sounds created are both beautiful and haunting and how each piece of music turns out depends upon the type of wood and species of tree.

Here’s how it works….the special converted record player takes in data from a Playstation Eye Camera and a stepper motor attached to a control arm. The data collected is then passed over to a computer and using an audio editing program the data is then transformed into various piano notes to create the finished piece of music.

The various slices of tree stump are spun on the record player just like a vinyl LP. It is truly incredible and absolutely fascinating to hear the musical interpretation from all the various types of trees. We always knew that Mother Nature had a song!