Farmer’s Almanac Predicts Another Brutal Winter In The North East


(PCM) Those that were hoping for a milder winter this year will be quite disappointed by the predictions made in the Old Farmer’s Almanac which calls for a “super-cold” winter and more snowfall than normal for the north-east region of the country.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is 223-year old reference the has been used for decades as a climate chronicler and predictor and also features recipes, advice columns and fun facts.

This year’s Almanac prediction also calls for a much warmer summer for most of the nation and this winter if you are lucky enough to be on the west coast, their temperatures will be a little bit higher than normal.

The Almanac has approximately an eighty percent success rate with its’ weather and climate predictions and the publishers still use a “secret formula” that founder Robert Thomas devised in 1792 to make it’s yearly predictions.

Those that have tried to figure out the formula claims that by combining the study of sun spots, prevailing weather patterns and basic meteorology, the Almanac can come up with a long range weather forecasting system.

After the brutally cold winter of 2013, we, here in the Northeast are certainly not looking forward to another harsh winter season, but for now we will just have to wait and see!