Florida Man Banned From All Disney Parks For Making A Meth Lab Joke


(PCM) 54-year old David Swindler claims that he has now been banned from visiting all Disney theme parks after making a joke about a meth lab to a Disney hotel employee. Swindler was staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort in Orlando, Florida with his wife and two children over Labor Day weekend and decided they wanted to extend their visit for a few more days.

Swindler claims that he called the hotel’s front desk around 11:30pm to inquire about room availability for an extra evening and became frustrated and hung up the phone after he was placed on hold for about 15 minutes. When he called back, he made a joke to the desk clerk about being on hold such a long time saying “I could have built a meth lab in the length of time it’s taken you guys to answer my question”.

Shortly after the phone call Swindler says that the Orlando Sheriff’s Department and Disney security arrived at his family’s room and questioned him about a meth lab, but ultimately no charges were filed. However, Swindler and his family were eventually escorted from the hotel property and forced to find another hotel room around 3 am during the incredibly busy holiday weekend, all for making a simple joke.

To add insult to injury, Swindler and his family were not given any kind of refund on their room and Swindler was faced with a trespass notice that bans him from all Disney theme parks for life, however the trespass notice excludes his wife and children who are free to visit again if they choose. ¬†As a big fan of Disney and their theme parks, Swindler hope that they will reconsider the life-time ban and he plans to take his case to upper management to see if they can’t come up with a better solution to the issue.