Florida Mans Cause Of Death Listed As An Uppercut From Batman


(PCM) 31-year old Stephen Merrill’s family and friends were left heartbroken and shocked when he passed away unexpectedly earlier this month. There had been no official cause of death listed, so his family and friends came up with the idea to honor his passion for comic books and absurd humor and say that he passed away due to an “uppercut from Batman”.

Merrill’s printed obituary in the local Florida newspaper now reads “Stephen Merrill, 31, passes away February 12, 2015, due to a uppercut from Batman.” The funny suggestion was made by Merill’s close friend after things began getting too tense in the room as everyone was trying to reach a decision.

After he made the suggestion, Merrill’s friend says that everyone in the room including Stephen’s family, fiancee and friends began laughing and they knew that was the perfect obituary to honor their deceased loved one. They feel that with Stephen’s sense of humor he would have appreciated the obituary as well!

His financee told the local news that “Stephen would have been honored to die from by an uppercut from Batman”.