Florida Woman Killed Neighbor And Then Cooked His Body Parts

Stoldt1(PCM) Deltona, Florida woman 42-year old April Stoldt has been charged with killing her neighbor, 36-year old James Sheaffer, and the cooking his body parts. The two were apparently involved in some sort of dispute involving money.

According to court documents, Stoldt invited Sheaffer over to her home to talk about the financial issues as they shared a joint bank account. It seems that Sheaffer had continuously overdrawn the shared account, however it was not said whether or not the two were involved in any sort of romantic relationship or why they had a joint back account together in the first place.

This is the part where the case turns into a real life horror movie scenario. Stoldt gave Shaffer a drink that had been laced with prescription drugs. When he became drowsy, she drove him to a local cemetery and it was there that they began to argue about their finances. Stoldt claims that Sheaffer threatened to kill her, so she then proceeded to stab him in the eye with an ice pick.

Anyone else wonder why she A.) conveniently had an ice pick in the car or B) Why she would have an ice pick at all living in Florida?

Sheaffer did not immediately die from being stabbed in the eye with the ice pick, so Stoldt then strangled him with a cord to get the job done and the followed up by stabbing out his other eye with the ice pick.

She then brought his dead body back to her home and placed it in a kiddie pool in her garage overnight. The next day she cut his body up with a hacksaw and began cooking his body parts. As if this is not gruesome enough, but the court documents revealed that she put one leg in the oven and other body parts in a pot on the stove.

It is reported that her daughter asked her mother what the smell was and Stoldt told her she was broiling a rat in the oven. (No, not at all strange!)

The next day, Stoldt told her son that she needed to get rid of some trash bags that contained a dead deer. The two dumped Sheaffers remains into a dumpster behind a local business in the area.

Authorities began investigating Sheaffer’s disappearance when he failed to show up for work and when they questioned Stoldt, she claimed that she had not seen nor had any contact with him.

About three weeks had gone by before guilt apparently got the better of Stoldt and she fled to her parents home with threats of suicide and confessed what she had done. Her sister called the authorities and Stoldt was arrested for this horrific crime.

After she was arrested Stoldt told the authorities that Sheaffer had ruined her life and that she felt she had put him where he belonged at the time. She attempted to claim self-defense under Florida’s infamous “stand your ground” law, but it was rejected by the court given the other horrific circumstances in this case.

Stoldt is currently being held without bail in a Daytona Beach jail, where she is facing a life sentence if found guilty.