Giant Panda Fakes Pregnancy At A Chinese Zoo For Better Living Conditions


(PCM) A six-year old giant panda named Ai Hin that resides at a Chinese zoo began showing signs of pregnancy, however after two months of observations by zookeepers it is speculated that the giant panda was faking her pregnancy.

Giant panda’s faking pregnancy is not an uncommon occurrence, especially for those pandas raised in captivity, as they have learned that while pregnant they receive better care and their life is improved drastically.

The zoo claims that Ai Hin showed signs of pregnancy such as increased appetite, moving around less, and an increase in progestational hormones. When a giant panda is thought to be pregnant, she is moved to a single room with round the clock care and of course more food. The crafty pandas have now began using this knowledge to their advantage to improve living conditions.

Giant pandas normally do not breed well in captivity and are only fertile for about three days per year. Also, only half of the pandas born in Chinese captivity survive past the infancy stage after birth. T

The zoo had planned to broadcast the first worldwide live stream of the pandas birth, however that does appear to be the case at this time.