Giraffe Lover Gets A Swift Kick To The Face


(PCM) A 24 year old giraffe loving woman from California learned the hard way that these tall and elegant creatures may not always be so lovable.

The woman was visiting a zoo in Wisconsin when she took it upon herself to climb in to the giraffe exhibit, as she has revealed that she is absolutely crazy about giraffes.

Once inside the enclosure, one of the zoo’s giraffes, a 2 year old, 12 foot one named Wally, came over to greet the woman and gave her a lick, but the proceeded to turn around and kick the woman square in the head.

The woman was not seriously injured and we are certainly hoping that she has learned her lesson. To add even more insult to injury, she is being charged with harassment of zoo animals and has to pay a fine of $686. Let’s hope her wild encounter was worth it…we just wonder now if she is still the giraffe’s number one fan!