Girl Scout Capitalizes on Weed Shop Location

file000853189184(PCM) Some people are natural entrepreneurs, seizing opportunities, taking advantage of chances, and innovating where others have stayed within the lines. Danielle Lei, a thirteen-year-old girl Scout from San Francisco, is certainly one of these people.

The entrepreneurial young woman amused locals and made a pretty decent profit this past President’s Day when she sold Tagalongs and Dulce de Leches outside of The Green Cross medical marijuana clinic in San Francisco, Mashable reported.

Many people are commenting on Lei’s business-savvy ways, praising her smart spot for selling the notoriously delicious cookies.

It’s common knowledge that many who partake in consuming marijuana often experience the phenomena known as “the munchies,” and a box of Girls Scout cookies is definitely a quick fix to such a dilemma.

One could venture to say that it’s clear that the patients who shop at The Green Cross were definitely craving snacks in anticipation of their munchies; Danielle Lei was able to sell 117 boxes within 2 hours, 37 more than she sold the next day at a local Safeway Store.

The shop was so pleased with her business that they invited Lei back to the store to sell more cookies today, Saturday, February 22nd from 4 pm to 6 pm.

The Girl Scouts of Northern California took no qualms with Lei’s actions; Dana Allen, the organization’s Marketing and Communications Director, said: “We’re not telling people where they can and can’t go if it’s a legitimate business.”