Some Grave Details Exposed At Convicted Serial Killer Charlie Manson’s Bride To Be


(PCM) As if the planned marriage between 80-year old convicted serial killer Charlie Manson and 27-year old Afton Burton, better known as Star was not controversial enough, there are now reports that claim Star is nothing more than a gold digger or more aptly phrased grave digger.

According to The Independent, Manson has now gotten wind that after his death Star plans on using his corpse as a full-on tourist attraction. It is reported that Star plans on gaining possession of Manson’s corpse through their pending marriage and put it on display in a glass case in Los Angeles.

She was under the assumption that a chance to see Manson’s corpse would attract a huge number of visitors and would end up making her a whole lot of money in the end. It looks as though the entire romance was part of a money-making scheme on behalf of Star.

Something tells me that this spells out trouble in paradise for these two lovebirds. It is also worth nothing that the marriage license that the two applied for actually expired last Thursday and as far as we know, no marriage has yet to occur.

Manson obviously knew that he was being played for a fool and he himself has stated many time that he considers himself to be immortal so therefore feels that he will never die making Star’s plans, at least to him seem ridiculous.

According to The Independent, Star remains hopeful that their marriage license will be renewed, but sources say that Manson has no plans to marry Star after learning about her alleged plans. Some say that Manson never had any plans to marry Star at all and that he was only leading her on with the idea of a wedding so that she and her friend would continue bringing him gifts and toiletries while he was locked-up.