‘Hail Satan’ License Plates Now Available In Tennessee

(PCM) Here’s another one for the odd file! It appears that Tennessee legislators have passed a new bill that will allow drivers to choose from a variety of different phrases celebrating religious diversity on their license plates. This news comes after it was revealed that drivers in the state would be allowed to have the phrase “In God We Trust” emblazoned on their license plates.

Some of the other plates that will be available to drivers will feature the phrases “Hail Satan”, “Shalom”, “Namaste” and “Praise, Jah” to name a few. State senator Brody Printrip says, “It’s only fair. We should celebrate our diversity.”

Tennessee is a state that is located deep within our country’s Bible Belt region, so we can only imagine that there is definitely going to some sort of protest involving the religious diversity plates, especially the one bearing “Hail Satan”. Freedom of religion is a constitutionally protected right, so there is really going to be very little anyone can do about the plates other than just accept them and move on.

We have to wonder now if any other States will soon follow suit!