Has The Lizard Man Returned To Terrorize South Carolina?


(PCM) The Lizard Man of Bishopville, South Carolina has been a urban legend in the area for the past 30 years ever since he was first spotted by a 17-year old stranded motorist back in 1988. The Lizard Man is said to call the area’s Scape Ore Swamp home and there have been numerous claimed sightings of him sporadically between then and now. 

Recently, a woman was leaving a church service and just as she stepped out of the building she saw the legendary creature stepping out of the wood. She was able to snap a quick cell phone photo and immediately sent it off to the local news station.  

After the photo was aired another man came forward with video footage of the Lizard Man that he and his wife filmed back in May of this year while they were exploring an area near Scape Ore Swamp. All of the sightings have been within the same area throughout the 30 year time period. 

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Despite a good number of reported Lizard Man sightings only two have included any type of violent interaction with the creature. The first was the initial Lizard Man sighting in 1988, as 17-year old Christopher Davis reported that a 7-foot beast came charging at him from the woods as he was changing his car tire. He says the Lizard Man took a leap on the hood of his car and left scratch marks on his vehicles roof. 

The second violent incident occurred in 2011 when a couple reported that their mini-van had been mauled overnight by a creature fitting the description of the Lizard Man. Sightings of the Lizard Man slowed down a bit after that, however it appears now that he is back in action. 

To us it looks like someone filming a really cheesy B-horror film, but the local residents of Bishopville take the Lizard Man fairly seriously.  What do you think?  Is this all just an elaborate prank?