Haven’t You Always Wanted Your Very Own Grazing Goat?


(PCM) For those of you that hate yard work, especially lawn mowing, online retailer Amazon.com has just the product for you!  You can now hire a herd of goats to take care of all that pesky tall grass that is climbing up in your yard. 

The new ‘rent-a-goat’ service is still currently in beta and is only available in certain regions, but Amazon promises the plan to expand the service to additional areas soon. If you are in the market for a goat lawn keeper that you must answer several questions including the amount of acreage to be grazed, the amount and type of vegetation in the area, and of course when and where you would like your goats delivered. 

Once the information has been gathered, Amazon will send out some price estimates and then customers can choose which goats they want to rent and schedule a time for deliver through Amazon. Amazon also promises consumers that the goats will also leave behind an extra special treat, as they also come complete with fertilization if you know what we mean!