Hotel Guest Makes Odd Christopher Walken Room Request And Hotel Amazingly Delivers

(PCM) Daniel Buckley was planning a stay at The┬áPembroke in Kilkenny, Ireland when he took it upon himself to have a little fun with the hotel reservation system’s “Special Request” section. Like most amenities that you can book online the form you fill out usually has a space to fill in any special requests you might like to add to help with the comfort of your stay. We are nearly certain that most hotels have gotten some pretty outrageous requests from individuals just trying to get a good laugh. No one really expects the hotel to come through, right?

Buckley thought he would add the rather odd and quite specific request for a signed photo of actor Christopher Walken to be placed in his room upon arrival. But, not just any photo of Christopher Walken would suffice, he wrote “We would like a FRAMED photo of Christopher Walken (signed if possible) from Pulp Fiction, as my father was an assistant to Mr. Walken on this film and this was his greatest accomplishment. We like to be reminded of this.”

Buckley was obviously being snarky and he was absolutely astonished as to what he found waiting for him when he arrived in his at The Pembroke in Ireland. There waiting for him on the table was sure enough a photo of Christopher Walken on the set of Pulp Fiction and it was even autographed! We have no idea how the hotel even managed to pull this one off, but they definitely got Buckley good! Talk about stellar customer service, he better give this hotel an excellent Yelp review!

There is no way that someone who works at the hotel would have just had that picture lying around, so you know they had to go out and track it down. It must have cost them quite a bit and they certainly went above and beyond even for a joke. Wonder what kind of odd request they can fulfill next?