Husband And Wife Killed In Car Accident Driving Separate Cars


(PCM) Authorities in Texas are still currently investigating the car crash that killed both 31-year old Nicolas Cruz and 26-year old Kristina Munoz, who just so happened to be husband and wife.

Cruz and Munoz were both driving separate vehicles and authorities are still baffled at what may have caused the crash that killed them. Both Cruz and Munoz were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Both vehicles, a 1990 Mazda pick-up truck driven by Cruz and a 1999 Saturn driven by Munoz, were traveling on County Rd 87 near Odell, Texas when the accident occurred. Cruz’s truck was traveling north, while Munoz’s car was traveling south. It appears that while negotiating a curve in the road the vehicles collided head on.

Both Cruz and Munoz were employed at a farm located a short distance from where the accident occurred. The county road has not markings and is very narrow. Authorities claim that one of the vehicles may have traveling too close to the center of the road at the time of the collision. Neither Cruz nor Munoz was wearing a seat belt.