The Internet Falls Head Over Heels For The Dancing Priests


(PCM) A video has recently surfaced that showcases two American priests, who are studying in Rome, putting their amazing tap dancing skills to work during a fundraising event at an American seminary located just up the hill from The Vatican.

The video shows the two priests 29-year old David Rider from Hyde Park, NY and 28-year old Rev. John Gibson of Milwaukee, WI partaking in a fun-filled tap-dance duel and showing off their amazing talent.

The video was filmed by a journalist named Joan Lewis who made the decision to post the dance-off on YouTube where it is well on its’ way to becoming viral. The clip has already been viewed over 200,000 times.

In the clip, Rider first warms up the audience with his impeccable tap-dance routine and then Gibson makes his way to the stage, playfully pushing Rider aside and begins his incredibly fast Irish dance routine. After a battle round, the two begin a routine together and their performance is mesmerizing.

As the video continues to gain popularity there are a few critics who complained that the priests were wrong for dancing underneath of a crucifix and image of Pope Francis. However many supporters claim that there is nothing wrong with the priests expressing and bringing about a bit of joy, as Rider himself says he directs the negative comments to the Bible which urges us to “live with joy”.