Internet Freaking Out Over Crazy Turkey Death Ritual

(PCM) Have you ever seen a strange turkey death ritual? We hadn’t either, but thanks to the internet of course one would eventually get posted! People on the net are freaking out of a strange video that was posted to Twitter that shows a group of turkeys creepily circling around and around a dead cat.

The video which was shot near Boston, MA by Twitter user @TheReal_JDavis appears to show the turkeys engaging in some sort of ritual and has already been viewed over 10 million times. We must admit it is strangely hypnotic to watch, but probably one of the most bizarre thing we’ve seen!

For those in search of some sort of explanation for the turkeys odd behavior, the folks over a National Geographic have weighed in saying that the turkeys behavior is due to both curiousity and fear in regards to a predator. The turkeys may not realize that the cat is actually dead and they are circling to ensure that as possibly prey to the cat, it would be aware of their presence.

The “ritual” is actually more of an “inspection” of the predator to ensure safety. Because the cat a.k.a. predator is actually dead the turkey may be stuck in a game of follow the leader as they continuously circle the cat waiting for it to possibly attack.

Still a little weird and we would probably freak out a bit if we saw it too!