The Invasion Of The Snow Rollers…A Bizarre Weather Phenomenon

snow-roller1(PCM) We have definitely been having quite a bit of strange weather throughout much of the country for the last few weeks. Many people, especially in the Eastern states of Ohio and Pennsylvania have been experience one of mother natures more bizarre phenomenons with the appearance of snow rollers. Social media was erupting with people posting images of these strange snowballs popping up all of their their fields and yards.

The snow rollers are formed when high and blustery winds shaped the snow in an area into formations that appear to look like hollow tubes or doughnuts. Most of time time these formations are not incredibly sturdy and will fall apart with the slightest touch, however when you factor in the amount of ice in the region many of the snow rollers have grown in size and are able to keep there formation for a much longer period of time.

Snow rollers need just the right combination of light, sticky snow, strong (but not too strong) winds and cold temperatures to form. They are formed much the same way that you would make a snowball. They are built up layer by layer as they are rolled along by the wind. As they are rolled downhill by the wind, that is what created the open or hollow space that is scene with many snow rollers. The snow rollers can vary in size, growing as large as a foot in diameter.

The snow rollers are definitely a sight to behold and certainly a rare weather phenomenon and it is not very often that the conditions are perfect for creating these strange and icy sculptures.