Iowa Man Attacks His Pregnant Wife With A McChicken Sandwich


(PCM) Another one of those headlines that we couldn’t make up if we tired. It seems that 21-year old Marvin Tremaine Hill II really doesn’t care for the McDonald’s McChicken sandwich, as he used one as a weapon to attack his pregnant wife.

Hill, of Des Moines, Iowa admitted to police that he did indeed throw the McChicken sandwich at his wife because he just doesn’t like them. The incident led to his arrest for simple domestic assault.

Hill claims that his wife woke him up around 1pm with the McChicken sandwich in her hand. He became upset and threw it at her and then picked it up a second time and threw it at her again.

Here is where it gets even more ridiculous. When police arrived Hill showed them a cell phone video that he had taken of his wife after the incident. In the video she can been seen knocking the phone out of his hands after he followed her to the bathroom as she was cleaning herself up.

The wife had mayonnaise on both her shirt and face along with a swollen nose which she told police happened after Hill forcibly smashed the McChicken bun into her face.

Hill was taken to the Polk County jail following his arrest and there has been no word on if bail has been set.