Israeli Artist Submerges A Black Dress In The Dead Sea And Photographs It After Two Months! Results Are Stunning!

salt-dress1Photo credit: Matanya Tausig

(PCM) An Israeli artist by the name of Sigalit Landau came up with an incredibly unique idea for an art project. She decided to submerge a vintage black dress in the Dead Sea for a period of two months and then photograph the results when it emerged. The result is a stunning, glittering salt encrusted gown that is currently on display until September 3 at London’s Marlborough Contemporary art museum.


The project is titled “Salt Bride” and is inspired by S. Ansky’s 1916 play titled Dybbuk. The play follows the story of a young Hasidic woman who becomes possessed by the spirit of her dead lover. Landau’s gown is a replica of the one that was worn in the dramatic production done in the 1920’s.

During the two months that the dress was emerged Landau checked on the gown several times to check on the salt crystallization process and photographed the entire process for start to finish. The end result is amazing and the perfect way to blend both art and nature together to create a truly one-of-a-kind creation.