Italy Is Giving Away Free Castles, But Of Course There Is A Catch!

(PCM) How would you like to be the proud owner of your very own Italian castle?For free!  If that sounds like a dream come true then you are in luck because it could very well be a reality because the country is giving away up to 103 free farmhouses, castles, towers, convents, monasteries and villas.

One of these gems could be yours, as long as, the country is in favor your plans for renovations. The Italian government can no longer afford to keep-up with many of these run-down, yet majestic properties, so that is where you come in!

Of course if there is anything in this world for free than there has to be some sort of catch. In order to get your hands on one of these free properties, you have to propose a plan that proves you will not be using the property only for yourself. You must develop it into some kind of tourist entity. It is Italy’s hope that these renovations will help boost their somewhat declining tourism industry. It is up to the individual whether or not the property would be turned into a resort or spa or even a restaurant or specialty shop.

The other rule is that the properties must be renovated to their original glory. This means not add-on’s or room additions may be added. Italy’s Tourism Ministry will judge all of the proposals submitted and then reach a decision and give the winners nine years to bring their visions to fruition. Because the properties will be free, the winning entrepreneurs must pay for all building materials and labor and will be given no tax breaks for their efforts. But, hey, it’s a free castle, right??

Also, it should be noted that preferential treatment will be given individuals who submit proposals and are under the age of 40! The properties are scattered about the country, however most are located in areas of slow tourism. 27 are located in Puglia and Basilicata, eight on the island of Sardinia and seven in Sicily.

The Tourism Ministry is claiming that there is already a ton of interest in the properties and those available can be viewed via their online brochure!