The Jackrabbit Invasion Of North Dakota


(PCM) Many people hear about the city of Fargo, North Dakota and immediately think about the Coen Brothers film or the hit FX television series, however residents in real life Fargo, ND are dealing with an almost cinematic type of issue … they are being invaded by jackrabbits!

Yes, you read that correctly! The city of Fargo is being invaded by jackrabbits, the size of small dogs, who are eating up all of the cities shrubs and trees, as well as, leaving their droppings all over residential grounds.

Residents in the area are claiming that they are forced to chase the jackrabbits out of their yards every morning, as there are at least 40 or 50 of them there everyday. Due to the fact that jackrabbits are wild animals, the city’s pest control department refuses to intervene, and it a move that is sure to get PETA’s panties in a bunch told residents they should probably just poison the animals which thankfully many are choosing not to do!

There is currently no city ordinance put in place to deal with the jackrabbit situation, however residents are in the process of going about staring a formal process to get some kind of ordinance put in place.