January 26 Is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!


(PCM) We don’t think that there is anyone who can resist the temptation, when seeing Bubble Wrap, to start popping it like crazy. It is both satisfying and therapeutic in an odd sort of way. Many people use popping Bubble Wrap as the ultimate stress reliever and there have even been smart phone apps created to simulate Bubble Wrap popping in case you can’t get your hands on the real thing.

Today happens to be National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and there are many festivities happening to celebrate. In fact, students at Oral Roberts University will be making an attempt to break the World Record for the most number of people popping Bubble Wrap at the same time. The current World Record number is 942 people at a Minnesota Elementary School. ORU hopes to have over 1,000 people participate.

Bubble Wrap was actually created by accident back in 1957, when two men were attempting to create three-dimensional plastic wallpaper. That’s didn’t quite work out for them, but they did see the potential in their invention to be used in other ways. The invention made for great packing material and that led to the birth of the Sealed Air Corporation.

A fun factoid is that the two men also failed at marketing their invention as greenhouse insulation as well, and it was actually the IBM company who needed something to protected their equipment shipments in 1960 who found use for Bubble Wrap and the product than really began to soar in popularity.

The Sealed Air Corporation is even around to this very day and this year, as a tribute on National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day they have partnered with YouTube channel Dude Perfect and will reveal a special video at 6pm this evening.

Other than delightful “popping therapy” and packing material, there are plenty of additional uses for Bubble Wrap some of which include using it as insulation for drafty windows, wrapping it around the pipes in your home to prevent them from bursting, placing a sheet on your car windshield when there is a threat of ice or snow (simply pulls the sheet off and the ice/snow will be quickly removed with it) and even using it to insulate your pets outdoor homes to keep them warm as temperatures drop.

Such an amazing product/invention! ¬†Happy “popping” everyone!