KFC Has Launched A Chicken Sandwich Into Space!

(PCM) KFC is certainly showing their dedication and determination with marketing their new Chicken Zinger sandwich, as they have become one of the first fast food chains to launch a chicken sandwich into space. The sandwich is even housed in an appropriately bucket-shaped satellite! The company really pulled out all the stops with this campaign, but it is definitely garnering them some headlines just by the pure bizarre nature of it alone!

The KFC bucket satellite features a robotic selfie arm which was custom built for the company and also accompanying the Chicken Zinger sandwich is a “gold cassette tape” on which the company hopes to acquire signs of alien life. The satellite space bucket will keep the Chicken Zinger sandwich well-preserved in space for the period of “four spicy, crispy days” and the bucket will be stationed about 60,000 to 80,000 feet above the Earth’s surface.

The KFC satellite bucket will also be equipped with a trap door that will rain out KFC coupons to a few lucky Earthlings below, if they are able to float down from space that far without being destroyed . No word on what area the coupons will drop, however you can follow the Chicken Zinger KFC space mission here!

To make this epic feat happen KFC partnered up with World View Enterprises, a company whose main focus is on near-space exploration. The KFC marketing stunt will also mark the longest controlled commercial stratospheric balloon flight ever accomplished. A representative from ¬†World View Enterprises says “Sure, this chicken sandwich payload is a bit funny.¬†But, KFC gets to embark upon a one-of-a-kind marketing experiment, while we get to pursue our first multi-day shakedown cruise in the stratosphere. It’s a win for all.”

The Chicken Zinger sandwich will make it’s return to Earth on Monday at a rate of 2,000 feet per minute, which equals out to be about a thirty minute journey.

In space, no one can hear you snack.

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