King Richard III To Finally Be Buried At Leicester This March


(PCM) After many, many years of legal battles the body of King Richard III will finally be buried in Leicester this coming March. There are already plans in place for a reinterment ceremony that will conclude a weeks worth of activities planned to honor the fallen monarch in Leicestershire.

King Richard III’s remains were discovered by an archaeological team under a council car park in Leicester back in 2012. Direct descendants of the monarch disputed the decision to reinter the remains in Leicester and felt instead his final resting place should be York.

The case went through a lengthy court battle, but ultimately the judge ruled that King Richard III’s remains were to be reintered in Leicester. Many of those in opposition have also spoken out claiming that Leicester only wants to keep the remains for financial profit rather than honor.

The remains of King Richard III have become quite the tourist attraction in the area and there are even plans for a King Richard III tour. The tour will take visitors to the grave site where his remains were first discovered, as well as other important milestone areas of his life. Nearly, 200,000 tourists have already visited a temporary exhibition that was set up after his remains were first discovered.

King Richard III was crowned King in the year 1483 and then was killed in the battle of Bosworth in August of 1485, only completing a two year reign. A hearse containing his remains will travel throughout the villages surrounding Leicester, marking the King’s movements as he made his way to his final resting place in Bosworth.

For three days the public will be allowed to visit the remains and pay their respects at Leicester cathedral and the reinterment service will be invitation only but broadcast live on Channel 4.