Lost Kitten Mysteriously Travels From New Mexico To Maine


(PCM) A six month old kitten from Albuquerque, New Mexico named Spice was reported missing on October 31st only to turn up miraculously being found in Portland, Maine five days later. How the kitten managed to travel some 2,300 miles away from her home remains a mystery.

Spice was turned into the a local animal shelter in Portland, Maine in a duffle bag with cat food and cat litter, but no tags. The shelter learned that Spice was microchipped and were then able to contact the kittens, very surprised and grateful owners in Albuquerque.

Despite being thrilled that Spice had been found, her owners unfortunately did not have enough money to be able to afford to bring Spice all the way back home. Graciously, a veterinary and services corporation offered their assistance in getting Spice safely back home.

After treating Spice for a small cold and being sure that she is safe to travel, Spice could be reunited with her family in about a week or so.