Lucky Teen Wins Lottery Twice


(PCM) Some people have no luck at all. Some people have all the luck in the world. In a world full of people that wish upon stars for miracles to happen, it is good to hear and read stories about this from time to time. I must warn you if you are easily jealous of other peoples luck, don’t read any further.

Still there ? Okay I will proceed.  Every once in awhile you will read about that 90 year old lady winning the lottery or someone from some small town that you have never heard of winning well you can add  Rosa Dominguez to that list.

Rosa, is seriously one of the luckiest teen’s I have ever read about. Rosa recently won two lotteries in a row. You read that right Rosa won two lotteries back to back the equaled $655,555. The nineteen year old teen from California was heading home from Arizona when she stopped at a gas station in Paso Robles and purchased a few scratch off’s. One of the scratch off tickets, a $5 Power 5’s ticket, turned out to be the top prize of $555,555.

Fresh off her first win, Dominguez bought another scratch off a $5 Lucky Fortune Scratcher, a couple days later at a gas station in Greenfield, a city in Monterey County. Again, the teen scored the top prize for the ticket: $100,000..

Dominguez told the press she plans on buying a car with her lottery winnings. Maybe she should invest in more lottery tickets, and tell me about the horses at the racetrack. Congrats Rosa. You go girl. 🙂