Machine In Cambodia Makes Heart-Shaped Clouds!


(PCM) We seriously need to get our hands on one of these bad boys!  A road-side machine in Cambodia manufacturers heart-shaped clouds that are made of foam. Can you just imagine the possibilities for a foam party with one of these in use?  OMG!

The Khmer Cloud Making Service in Phnom Penh, Cambodia posted a video on their Facebook page that shows the heart-shaped cloud making machine in action and has already racked up a ton of views. The machine creates and then releases the heart-shaped foam clouds which wistfully float away in the breeze.

The company also informs everyone that they can create clouds of a variety of different shapes and sizes using different cut-out patterns. It appears that now even the Walt Disney Company is taking interest in the pretty unique machine as the company claims they just sold one to the Walt Disney Company’s office in Switzerland.

Let’s work on getting one of these here in the States! It looks so amazing!