Man Blames Beer-Battered Fish For Drunk Driving Arrest


(PCM) 75-year old John Przybyla of Friendship, Wisconsin was stopped for driving under the influence back in October. It is reported that he told the sheriff’s deputy that pulled him over that he was not drinking, but had consumed beer-battered fish at a fish fry, so that is why he was drunk.

Of course, the sheriff’s deputy was not buying into the fish fry story and ordered Przybyla to take a field sobriety test which he failed of course! This is not the first drunk driving incident for Przybyla, as his first conviction for driving under the influence occurred back in 1994.

The fish-fry incident actually marks Przybyla’s 10th drunk driving offense. His preliminary hearing will take place on January 21st of next year. Something tells me there will not be anymore fish-fries in Przybyla’s future for quite a long time.