Man Claims To Have Not Showered In 12 Years


(PCM) A chemical engineer and MIT graduate named Dave Whitlock has made the startling claim that he has not taken a shower in 12 years all thanks to his daily regime of using live bacteria on his skin.  Sounds pretty gross to us, but he is swearing by his particular method.

Whitlock claims that he has made a spray that completely eliminates the need to take a shower. His company, AOBiome, created a live bacteria spray which Whitlock applies to his skin on a daily basis. The overall purpose of the spray is to restore the good bacteria to our skin that has been removed during modern day to day life.

The company claims that because we don’t spend as much time outdoors as we did in the past, users of the product are able to reduce their dependence on conventional products used for bathing and showering. ┬áThe name of the product is called “Mother Dirt” and should be applied to the users skin twice a day. It has no odor and feels just like water. The company hopes that their product could have the potential to eventually replace bathing all together.

We are not so sure about that, as majority of us enjoy a nice relaxing bath or an invigorating shower for reason’s other than just bathing.