Man Cuts Off His Ears And Changes His Name To Complete His Parrot Transformation


(PCM) The man previously known at Ted Richards, a 58-year old retired factory worker, has completed the final step in his transformation into living his life as a parrot by officially changing his name to Ted Parrotman. We were hoping for something a little more extreme with the name change, as Parrotman has already undergone body modification surgery to more closely resemble his beloved birds.

Parrotman has gotten his face tattooed with feathers, his tongue split, ears removed, eyeballs tattooed to look more like his beloved pet parrots Ellie, Teaka, Timneh, Jake, and Bubi. He also boasts more than 100 piercings, however those really don’t assist too much with his parrot-like appearance. When speaking with the Daily Mail about his transformation and name change, Parrotman revealed “It’s something I’ve thought about doing for a long time. Because I walk around the streets with my parrots so much, around here I’ve been known as Ted Parrotman for years. So it only seems natural for me to change my name.”

Parrotman also says that he changed his name because he is no longer in contact with his family and now considers his parrots to be the only true family he has left. He says he loves being able to modify his body and has done it because he wants to look as much like his parrots as possible. While many question Parrotman’s overall sanity he claims to be quite ordinary and doesn’t understand all the fuss.