Man Dead After Launching A Firework Off The Top Of His Head


(PCM) 22-year old, Devon Staples, who is best known for portraying the character of Gaston at the Walt Disney World theme park, has tragically passed away after he accidentally launched a firework off the top of his head during a 4th of July barbecue in Maine.

Sources say that Staples and several friends were setting off fireworks in the backyard when he placed a reloadable mortar tube on the top of his head. Despite friends urging him to stop, Staples joking held a lighter in his hand when then accidentally caused the firework to explode. 

Staples brother Cody was one of the first too the gruesome accident scene and says that sadly, there was nothing left of his brother to warrant a trip to the hospital. He goes on to say that Staples was not the type to do something so stupid, however he would often times pretend to do something stupid to get people to laugh. 

Staples was currently employed as a dog walker/trainer at the time of his death in Maine, however prior to that he portrayed several costumed characters at Walt Disney World in Florida. He was so recently engaged to be married.