Man Doesn’t Show Up To Work For Six Years! Found Out Due To Loyalty Award!


(PCM) Joaquin Garcia, a Spanish civil servant who supposedly worked as a supervisor for a wastewater treatment plant in Cadiz, Spain was recently discovered to have not shown up to work in the past six years. The only reason that Garcia’s absence from work was discovered at all was that, as his supervisors were preparing to give him a loyalty award for twenty years of service, they began speaking with his co-workers, who do show up for work everyday, only to discover Garcia had never bothered to show up for the job after transferring from city hall.

To add insult to injury for his supervisors, Garcia did not even have a good excuse lined up to explain his six year absence. He was asked what he was doing today, yesterday and last month and he had no answer at all. The case was eventually brought to court and Garcia was fined the amount of $30,000 the equivalent to approximately one year salary. Meaning he pretty much got paid for five years worth of work doing nothing.

Garcia claimed that he was the victim of workplace bullying because of his socialist political views when led him to refrain from coming to work everyday. It is truly amazing that his absence went unnoticed for such a long time period!