Man Gets Stuck in Chimney After Friends Lock Him Out

ManStuckinChimney(PCM) Humans and small, dark confined spaces don’t mix as one Arizona man learned this past weekend.

A 23 year-old unnamed man had to be rescued by firefighters after becoming stuck in a chimney when his two friends locked him out of the property they were house sitting around 3am on Sunday.

The unnamed man resorted to crawling down the chimney in an attempt to gain entry into the house, resulting in his unenviable situation. 

Firefighters arrived on the scene and had to use a drill and sledge hammer to break through the wall and the chimney behind it, laboring for 30 minutes before finally finding the man and freeing him.

Daily Mail obtained video of the incident from the Phoenix Fire Department, showing the man emerging from the hole created in the chimney, covered in soot. 

Undoubtedly grateful for being freed, the man proceeds to stumble out into the open air and into  the grass. 

Paramedics were on the scene and transported the man to the hospital, where he received treatment for minor injuries. 

A Phoenix Fire Department spokesman stated that the young man was “lucky” before praising the fire crew: ‘This proved to be a bad decision and fortunately for him the Phoenix Fire Department Rescue crews are trained up to handle these types of confined space incidents.”

Beware of using chimneys as a way of entry; a woman was stuck in a chimney for 5 hours in October of 2014 after trying to break into a home.

Watch the video from the Phoenix Fire Department below!