Man Is Legally Allowed To Wear Goat Horns For Driver’s License Photo

(PCM) A Maine resident by the name of Phelan Moonsong has been awarded the right to wear his beloved goat horns in his state issued drivers license photo.

Moonsong is an ordained Pagan priest and claims that he wears his goat horns at all times except when he is showering or sleeping. Moonsong appealed the Maine Department of Motor Vehicles initial ruling that he could not wear the horns in his license photo. They claimed they needed more information about his religion and choice of head gear for the issue to go up for review.

Moonsong claims that his goat horns serve as a spiritual antenna of sorts and they assist him with educating others about Paganism. He also made sure to add the fact that the horns do no obstruct his face in any way.

The Main Secretary of State’s office reviewed Moonsong’s case and found that because he was able to cite valid religious purpose for wearing the horns and they did not obstruct his face from the camera, he would be allowed to wear them in his state driver’s license photo.

Definitely a bit odd, but now Moonsong is legal at least!