Man On Trial For Murder Allegedly Asked Siri Where To Hide The Body

Siri2(PCM) A Florida student by the name of Pedro Bravo is currently on trial for the murder of his roommate due to strangulation that occurred back in September of 2012. During the trial it was brought to light that Bravo actually enlisted the assistance of the iPhone assistant Siri about a way to get rid of the body.

According to a detective involved with the case, Bravo’s phone records show that he opened up Siri and typed in the following question: I need to hide my roommate.

At the time Siri came up with quite a few so-called tongue-in-cheek response such as swamps, the wood, a dump etc. It seems that Bravo took Siri quite literally because the roommates body was found in a wooded area and his phone also indicated that his flashlight app had been turned on and in use for nearly half an hour on the night the roommate was killed.

The Siri program has since been changed and she no longer gives answers such as the one Bravo received. Instead she now says things like “That’s very funny” or “Don’t be silly”.

Bravo claims that he and is roommate got into a fight over his now ex-girlfriend on the night the murder took place. He claims that he only pushed his roommate out of his car and punched him in the face, however prosecutors paint a very different picture and of course his use of Siri is definitely suspicious.

Guess we know now that those types of queries to Siri have the ability to be tracked, but it also kind of makes you wonder what other information can be tracked from our cellphones.