Man Tricks People On Facebook Into Believing He Can Predict The Future


(PCM) You may have noticed that a Facebook post from a man by the name of Pablo Reyes has been gaining a lot of traction and has now been shared over 200,000 times as it appears Reyes was able to predict the future by posting about certain events such as Harambe the gorrilla, the deaths of both Prince and Mohammad Ali, and the incredibly tragic Orlando nightclub shooting. The internet is losing its’ mind because the post by Reyes is dated “December 26, 2015”.

The sheer amount of comments on the post is insane, as people can not seem to wrap their heads around the fact that Reyes was able to have a vision of these world events prior to their occurrence. However, they are forgetting one very important thing about Facebook and that is the fact that you can use that adorable little clock icon located next to your status update to choose when you would like a post to go live. It’s all about scheduling, people! We could all be Facebook psychics if we choose!

Obviously, Reyes decided to pull quite the epic Facebook prank and post-date this particular status to make him appear to be clairvoyant. When speaking with Buzzfeed news about the hoax, Reyes says “”I feel like people—I don’t want to call people dumb—but I think it’s up to the people to kind of make the decisions about what they hear and what they’re being told. . . It’s hard for me to explain to you how I feel about the situation, but I think I blame people. I kind of feel like people are to blame.”

But, we read it on the internet, so it has to be true, right?  Please don’t fall for this crap!