Meet The Benedict Cumberbunny! Yes, It’s As Disturbing As It Sounds!


(PCM) Who needs regular old chocolate Easter bunnies when you can enjoy your very own Benedict Cumberbunny! The very same chocolatier who created the life-size chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch, has once again created another Cumberbatch inspired delicacy¬†by creating a chocolate Easter bunny with the face of Benedict Cumberbatch. At this point we think it’s safe to say someone is obsessed!

Somehow the Benedict Cumberbunny is even creepier than the life-sized chocolate Cumberbatch and will be available just in time to land in your Easter baskets. Creator Jen Lindsey-Clark says the Benedict Cumberbunny “a delicious Belgian chocolate rabbit with a handsome face and a tasty bottom.”

Each Benedict Cumberbunny will weigh 400 grams and will cost around $71, but who can really put a price on this kind of fandom! There will also be two limited edition Cumberbunnies sold that each feature an edible 22-carat gold bow-tie. Lindsey-Clark says that she plans to send a Cumberbunny to Cumberbatch’s mother, but not the actor himself, as she fears it would be too creepy for him to chow down on his own face.

It is a little creepy for us too, but hey, to each their own! Would you like to find a Cumberbunny in your Easter basket this year?