Michigan Woman Living In A Walmart Has Now Been Evicted


(PCM) What is it with people trying to live in Walmart stores these days, I mean, yes that have just about everything to make a comfortable home and are open 24/7, but geez!!

A Michigan woman was recently discovered to have been living in a local area Walmart store in Grand Blanc Township and sources claim she really had no plans on leaving anytime soon.

The 45-year old woman, whom authorities are not identifying by name, moved into her local Walmart back on January 6th. For the first few days of her stay the woman was able to blend in with the other customers during the day and then at night she would head to the bathroom to catch up on some sleep.

It was through store surveillance footage that the store mangers noticed that the same woman had been hanging around the store for two days. They approached her and requested that she leave, however she refused and that is when authorities had to be called in.

Authorities say that when the first arrived the woman was relaxing in a chair, playing on her laptop computer wearing headphones. When she was approached she told the authorities that she had no where to go and was not being very cooperative when the asked her to leave the store.

She was given a ticket for disorderly conduct and then removed from the store and taken to the police station where she was later picked up by a family member. The woman was said to have a drinking problem and was residing with her son prior to moving into the Walmart after he allegedly kicked her out of his home.