Missouri Bar Under Fire For Offering The Michael Brown Six Shots Special


(PCM) A Missouri bar named Mug Shots is receiving quite a bit of backlash after promoting their “Michael Brown” six shot special for ten dollars and have even had protesters show up outside of the establishment to voice their concern and outrage.

Located in St. Joseph, the motto for the bar is “where sarcasm is always free”, however not very many people in the area found humor in the bar making light of the Michael Brown incident. Protesters gathered outside the bar with signs that read “Don’t Shoot”.

The bar owner, who for obvious reasons wishes to remain anonymous, claims that he was not trying to cause any harm and says that perhaps he should have thought things out a bit more before coming up with the shot special deal.

He claims that other bars in the area are profiting off similar promotions, so he figured he would give it a try, however in this case it backfired massively.

Mug Shot has since changed the name of their shot special to “The owner of Mug Shots is an a**hole special”.