Murder Suspect Pulls An Epic Escape From Police Custody


(PCM) Las Vegas murder suspect Alonso Perez pulled an Houdini-like escape from police custody while he was being held in a police station interrogation room. Perez was being investigated for the murder of a man outside of a Las Vegas area McDonald’s restaurant.

Once the detective who was interrogating him left the room, Perez was able to somehow break free of his handcuffs and then after a few minutes make his escape through a ceiling tile in the room. Video surveillance captured the entire ordeal, including the leg chains that Perez can still be seen wearing as he hoists his way up into the ceiling.

It seem the no one was watching the surveillance cameras at the time of the incident. Great police work, guys! You can see the look of surprise on Perez’s face when he was able to break out of the handcuffs. He escape was successful, however that success was short-lived as he was later caught and arrested as second time after a four hour stand-off with police and FBI agents.

Seems this Houdini magically added quite a few more charges to his wrap sheet!