The Mysterious Ghost Taxis Of Japan


(PCM) There is something quite mysterious going on with cab drivers in Japan who work in the area of the country that was hit the hardest by the 2011 earthquake and nuclear disaster. The cabbies are reporting picking up “ghost passengers” who they claim eerily vanish at some point during the ride and they are thought to be some of the 6,000 victims that lost their lives as a result of the disaster.

The cabbies go on to say that they have actually taken fares from these individuals who then vanish before they ever reach their destination. Medical experts claim that seeing ghosts is a possible side-effect of post traumatic stress disorder and many other survivors in the area have also reported seeing ghosts in the area that suffered such a horrific loss.

The earthquake and tsunami that took place on March 11, 2011 killed more than 19,000 people. The city of Ishinomaki was hit by a 30ft tsunami wave which wiped out much of the port city, with 29,000 people losing their homes. Some 3,100 people were confirmed dead, but 2,770 have never been found. Since the disaster, cab drivers in the city have reported picking up the ghost passengers and all of the drivers fully believed they were picking up real people at the time.

One driver, who was interviewed by a local university in the area, told a woman passenger who was looking to travel to the¬†Minamihama district that they area had been completely wiped out to which she replied “Have I died?” before vanishing before his eyes in the backseat of the cab.The university is studying the experiences of the cab drivers, as well as other survivors in the city and the ghost appearances, to see if there are any links between them and a diagnosis of PSTD.