Naked Woman Tries To Rob A Convenience Store In West Virginia


(PCM) This definitely had to be one of the more bizarre calls to come across the police scanner in Cross Lanes, West Virginia!  A naked woman, 30-year old Drema Setliff, was arrested after allegedly attempting to rob a convenience store in the area.

The call to authorities came in at about 1:30am, when it was reported that a naked woman was walking across the Motel 6 parking lot in Cross Lanes, which was then followed by someone hitting the panic alarm at the One Stop convenience market just down the street.

When the authorities arrived at the convenience store they discovered Setliff naked and grasping a white towel while wandering around the back room of the store. ¬†Sources say Setliff entered the store and attempted to lock the front door and demanded that the cashier open the register. She then allegedly grabbed the cashier by the hair and also demanded that she open the store’s safe.

At that time another customer entered the store and was able to help the cashier escape while Setliff was wandering around the back room where she was eventually discovered by the authorities. When she was discovered authorities claim that Setliff asked them to take her to jail and naturally the authorities complied.

She has been charged with robbery and it is highly suspected that drugs and alcohol were involved.