NASA Denies Cutting Live Video Feed of UFO



Have you ever looked to the sky and asked yourself, “are we alone?” That is a question many people from all walks of life have asked. Ever since we could look up to the sky we have questioned what else is out there. According to a lot of people many things. To deny that we as humans are the only species in this great big Universe of ours is very conservative thing to say as a society.

There have longed been rumors that NASA knowingly and has evidence of extraterritorial life. The bright lights up in the sky referred to as UFO’S is something NASA and our Government sometimes refuse to talk about. It’s the one thing our Government talks about in their denial is almost comical. Many documentaries have documented UFO activity over the years. The UFO phenomenon is a popular hot button that seems not want to fly away anytime soon.

Most recently NASA has been accused of cutting a live feed that what some are saying was a UFO. The incident occurred on July 9th when NASA cut a live video from their satellite the ISS. A UFO hunter happened to catch the cut feed and uploaded it to YouTube causing the world wide web to talk about other worldly things.

According to Nasa, the experiment is programmed to automatically cycle between the different cameras pointed at the Earth. The experiment is programmed to automatically cycles through different cameras. The spokesman told CNET: ‘The station regularly passes out of range of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellites (TDRS) used to send and receive video, voice and telemetry from station. The question is when the overwhelming evidence of UFO existence either be debunked or proven valid.