New Discovery Of Life On Mars Or Just Another Crazy Rock Formation?

(PCM) UFO enthusiast’s were recently overjoyed at their recent discovery in a photo taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover earlier this month. They feel that the photo, which can be seen below, reveals evidence of life on Mars with what appears to be an iguana.


If it does indeed reveal a creature living on Mars, the iguana’s body is completely blended in with the surrounding area, but upon closer inspection of the image you can clearly make out its’ neck skin, nostril hole, mouth line, and wide-open eye.

It is quite possible that it could just be the shape of the rock formation that looks like an iguana, but it is a truly strange coincidence. This is also not the first time that enthusiasts have claimed to have spotted life on the Red Planet, as earlier this year, there was rumors swirling about a rodent like creature as well.


Scientists who are studying the Mars Science Laboratory Project claim that they are continuing to make new discoveries at the Curiosity continues to explore the planet and have discovered a “grey Mars” where conditions would have been favorable for life at one point in time.

Let us know what you think!  Mars space iguana or crazy rock formation?