New Trend For Egg Enthusiasts Is Renting Chickens!


(PCM) Egg lovers and enthusiasts are beginning to pick up on the latest trend which is actually renting chickens to produce their own collection of eggs. Yes, this is actually a thing!

Due to the skyrocketing price of eggs in recent months because of the avian flu, and more and more restaurants opting to stop serving eggs due to financial hardship, egg lovers are taking matters into their own hands and opting to rent a pair of hens.

For the price of $400 for four months companies such as Rent The Chicken will deliver two hens, a coop, food/water dish and of course, 100 pounds of chicken feed. For an extra $200 dollars they will even upgrade your coop and give you an extra two hens!

Two chickens will produce about a dozen eggs per week, so this is still a bit of a pricey option, as it would end up averaging out to about $21 for a dozen eggs, where as the grocery store is still selling them for less than $3.00, but at least you know where the eggs are coming from which is a growing demand from egg lovers. It is said that homegrown eggs are richer and tastier than their store-brought counterparts.

Rent The Chicken is currently available in 10 states and the demand continues to grow!  Guess you could always use them to determine the age old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg if nothing else! 

You can also purchase your own chicken. They come in a variety of colors and have very distinct personality types. They are said to do well with both cats and dogs and are quite happy living in your backyard, so long as it is legal in your state.